Ways To Keep Yourself Feeling Young

The aging process is a daunting and unwanted progression of life. Not only does it affect your appearance, it affects your memory as well. Factors from the environment as well as the foods you consume have a huge role in how gracefully you can age. There are multiple steps you can take to not only slow down the aging process, but reverse it as well. Staying away from environmental extremes, exercising, having a balanced diet, sleeping well, and taking appropriate supplements are just a few of the options available to look your best as you mature. Taking vitamins and acquiring a new skill, like signing up for a dance class or working on a crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper, can help sharpen your ability to pay attention and prevent age-related memory loss. In the U.S., one in eight Americans are 65 and over, with the average life expectancy in 1997 being 77 years old. Today, with multiple and readily available improvements to slow down the aging process, we’re well on our way to successfully improving the average lifespan to 100.

Ways to Improve Anti Aging

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