The change through time for many people is a trip through the wardrobe. Generations can track their parents clothing trends as well as their own fashion statements by looking through the closet or cardboard boxes in the basement.

From the Great Depression and Dust Bowl era following the 1929 crash, men and women began to wear less rigid clothing. Gone were make fashion icons and styles, because people could no longer afford extravagant clothing trends. Men who once wore suits to work were suddenly without jobs. They were forced to eke out an existence through manual labor. Many shed their restrictive suit coats, threw away their ties, and rolled up their sleeves. Housewives were without roofs over their heads. Corsets lost their appeal. Dresses and flat sole shoes were comfortable and practical.

After World War II when many Americans celebrated by making huge families; the Forgotten Generation gave the Baby Boomers more opportunity than they ever had. The Baby Boomers became the “Me” generation and were willing to push against the establishment. They made statements in their ideology, the cultural changes, and their fashion trends marked their place in history and are still recognizable today.

From 1946 to 1964 the fashion trends were as unique as the Baby Boomer generation. When James Dean walked out on the dusty Texas plains wearing denim pants on the big screen, Levi Strauss & Co. began selling denim pants to everyone, not just the lonesome Texas cowboy. When the denim pants went mainstream Baby Boomers wanted to challenge the way the pants wore and fit. Through the years, since their global acceptance, the denim pants have gone through several variations.

The pants began changing how it rest on the waist and hips. Women began embracing wearing pants instead of just dresses. They showed off their shapely figures by wearing denim pants low on their hips; the tighter the jeans the better. When the Navy uniform showed flared pant legs, denim pants adapted the midshipmen flare. Denim pants suddenly had bell bottoms. The Baby Boomer made a fashion statement that will stay part of the fashion industry for the next fifty years. The entire “Me” generation embraced this fashion and was comfortable in showing off the variations. Since denim pants, especially with the industry leading company of Levi Strauss, denim pants were not only fashionable, they were durable.

When holes finally wore through the knees, Baby Boomers continued to wear them. Women began cutting off the pant legs and the denim shorts were born and embraced culturally. This single piece of fashion became a global sensation and more companies across America began producing the clothing lines to keep up with the demand.

Denim pants have never gone far from fashion since the 1950s. The evolution of the pants has changed from generation to generation, from stonewashed to ripped to baggy and skinny inclinations, these trendy designs continue to influence youths and make statements without even trying. The American culture is clothed in denim.

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