The Baby Boomer generation in the United States had it easier than their parents. Survivors of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl had to wade through World War II before they were able to settle again and raise families. From 1946 to 1964 the population growth in the United States was the highest ever recorded. Returning soldiers from the war began to raise families. The changes in America were substantial.

Their children inherited the problems associated with the recession before the war. The Baby Boomer generation was the “Me” generation. They made sure what their parents suffered would not happen again. Most of them went on to college and made changes throughout the United States to ensure the country survived into the new millennium.

Baby Boomers made significant strides in the quality of life for every American. They had the moral authority to get things done. They made sure the economy was stable and their healthcare was above reproach. There was a need to have skilled and educated people in manufacturing. The Baby Boomers were able to make America a powerful asset for global marketing and trade.

Baby Boomers were ready to make sure America’s equality was strong. They started the Civil Rights movement that still evolves today. The majority of the Baby Boomers were against the Vietnam War because they saw it as a mistake perpetuated by government mishandling of foreign affairs. Part of the problem with the government according to Baby Boomers was the fact there were not enough changes happening. The branches of government were still part of the Forgotten Generation. Most of the men seated in government were the same traditionalists that lasted through the end of WWII and the Korean War. Baby Boomers knew to make drastic changes they had to take drastic measures. They began winning seats in government positions and represented their fellow constituents with new measures. Although they had to outlast the Cold War and the posturing with the Soviet Union, the Baby Boomers understood that with time thing would eventually balance out.

Baby Boomers looked to the sky. They made strides in aeronautics and eventually put their generation on the moon. They felt pushing the limits was important and that anything was possible. Unfortunately, they had setbacks. The Baby Boomers are considered the highest divorce rate in America. They also have the highest in second marriages. Many of them were anti-government. Even with their fellow Boomers in the senate, it would be the mid-1970s before any of them were able to make it into the White House.

Many Baby Boomers were optimistic despite the need for changes in America. They were extremely loyal to their children and were involved in every facet of life. They instilled in their children to question everything because without making demands, things would not evolve.

The Baby Boomers created the credit system that is still misused today. The credit card allowed people to spend money they did not have on luxury items.